Visiting South Africa: A World in One Country

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Known to be one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, the southern state of South Africa, also known as the Republic of South Africa is a premium ‘all-year round’ destination with its peak season during the summer months of November-March.  Known for its multi-ethnic society which encompasses different languages, cultures and religions South Africa is most well-known for its cities Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Kimberley, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

With the plethora of travel companies having their presence online, it is easy to find South Africa tour packages that suit your budget and preferences.  Having a rare mix of African culture, modern development, untamed wildlife and outdoor attractions; there are many different activities which a tourist can engage in.

Some of the different travel packages have different themes such as adventure, natural attractions, wildlife and safari, health and wellness and entertainment. Besides this, this country is well known for being one of the most popular wine-tasting destinations across the world; where there are many popular winelands that a person can visit. In fact, tourists can go for exclusive wine tours.

South Africa; is in fact known as the adventure capital of the world where tourists can engage in a wide variety of activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, canopy tours, helicopter rides and flips, and shark cage diving. For those who prefer sight-seeing, there are many popular scenic wonders such as Blyde River Canyon, the Table Mountain, the different deserts, forests, mountains and coasts which are worth exploring.  

Home to the largest games reserves in the world, Kruger National Park a tourist can choose to either take their own private tour or drive through the park on their own. Besides this, there are many national parks which are located in the country. Having 229 different mammals, 858 varieties of birds catching sight of the ‘Big Five’ is especially popular. These animals include the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and the leopard. Besides this, there are also the big cats such as the lion and the cheetah to catch sight of.

Going for packaged tours is one of the easiest ways by which you can explore this destination. Not only do these trips enable a person to see different natural attractions, but they also include different activities in them as well. Escorted tours which feature professional English-speaking tour managers who not only provide in-depth knowledge about the destination are known to be exceptionally helpful as they also take care of every need that you have.

Tour packages are one of the best ways to explore this country, encompassing a wide variety of activities; where you need not worry too much about the minute details.

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Opting for South Africa tour packages is one of the best ways to explore this country and get the maximum out of your trip. There are many different themes which these tour packages follow that people can choose from.  

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Visiting South Africa: A World in One Country

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This article was published on 2013/12/17