Tips For Safe Travelling at South African airports

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Have you ever planned a South Africa Vacation? You come to South Africa , it means that you are in a world in one country, and as a resident in South Africa for over 40 years, I do assure you that you are in for a trip of a lifetime.It is a place which is so much beaty, widlife and cultural diversity you can refresh your eyes.


However to ensure your South Africa vacation is as hassle free as possible it is important to bear the following safety tips in mind when arriving at any South African airport.


10 important safety tips for Travelers and Tourists arriving at South African airports

1. In South Africa it is important to stay alert at all times and never leave you baggage unattended. Do not allow anyone but registered airport personnel to handle your luggage


2. Luggage theft is a problem in any country of the world. Especially once it has been checked in. It is strongly advised in South Africa for all domestic or international flights to have your baggage shrink wrapped. It is inexpensive and worth the piece of mind.


3. Do not check in anything of value, rather keep it in your possession at all times and keep a record of all your checked in luggage.


4. It is important not to carry your wallet or purse in such a way that it is in easy reach of a potential thief. Keep your purse or wallet secure in a zipped handbag held close to your body, in your front pocket or a money belt under your clothing.


5. Avoid displaying your jewellery, video cameras, cameras etc in such a way that they will attract the attention of a potential thief.


6. When asking directions rather proceed to official information counters found at any South African airport.


7. Keep an eye out when browsing shops in any South African terminals of somebody standing close to you or bumping in to you. It could be a ploy to distract you in order to take your bag or item in your possession


8. When sitting at a South African airport restaurant make sure your bag strap is secured under a chair leg or on your lap. Bags hung over the back of chairs or away from you are very easy to be taken without your knowledge at a busy restaurant.


9. Do not let your children visit the bathrooms or any shop without adult supervision.


10. In South Africa it is advisable to not carry large amount of cash. Rather use your credit or debit card for all purchases and carry a limited amount of cash.


A South Africa Vacation shares so much to Inspire and Revive Your Spirit. But Where to start, What not to miss out on, what to be aware of. If you found these tips valuable do not miss your free Top 10 South Africa Vacation guide.


It is the guide you do not want to be without when planning your next South Africa Vacation.


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Tips For Safe Travelling at South African airports

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This article was published on 2010/08/06