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5 5, Guodian general manager and deputy party secretary Zhu Yong? In the group met with visiting South African Division Energy Director General Department of Magubeien line. The two sides on the development of power projects related to the situation in South Africa carried out extensive exchanges.

Zhu Yong? On Magubeien his party welcomed, introduced the basic situation of Guodian and Guodian green development strategies and international Cooperation Strategy. He said that since 1998 the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South informally since the two countries continue to tap potential for cooperation at all levels, exchanges and cooperation in various fields growing, long-term exchanges between the two peoples have also forged profound friendship. This economic and trade cooperation between enterprises laid a good foundation. Hope that this visit will further deepen the China South Power, energy companies understand and from China and South Africa to deepen the two countries in the field of energy technology exchanges, actively develop mutually beneficial cooperation, further promote the bilateral friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries fast, comprehensive, in-depth development.

Zhu Yong? Explained that after the adjustment in recent years and the continuous development of strategic, Guodian Power Group is a comprehensive change to the. The past two years, Guodian follow the trend of low-carbon economy, proposed "to develop new energy to lead business transformation" of the development strategy. Dedicated to domestic energy development, Guodian actively implement the "going out" strategy, and actively strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, full development and utilization of domestic and foreign, "the two markets and two resources", and gradually expand the depth and breadth of international exchanges, achieve win-win cooperation.

Zhu Yong? Pointed out that, like China and South Africa are faced with reducing emissions, improving Environmental protection Standard challenges, while also facing increased levels of electricity, the task of infrastructure construction, which is Guodian and energy companies in South Africa to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation provided a good opportunity. Hope that the South African Department of Energy strongly supports the project in South Africa Guodian. Guodian will play in the new energy power generation, energy saving and high-tech industry and other advantages, to expand the country with South Africa Home Appliances Power companies and related enterprises in the energy, environmental protection, infrastructure construction and other fields, in order to promote the further development of bilateral relations between China and Africa contribute to a.

Magubeien said he was glad to visit Guodian. She said that the visit will be her trip to China memorable memories. Then she introduced the South African electricity development, pointed out that in recent years with the South African economy, South African electricity demand in the next five years to build, including wind power, including power generation installed capacity of 9,000,000 kilowatts. Guodian addition to the traditional fossil fuel power generation, the new energy and renewable energy development and utilization of high-tech industries and R & D, especially wind power and fan manufacturing advantages such as outstanding, prominent features. Hope that both sides can cooperate in more areas.

Counsellor Embassy of South Africa, the company responsible departments, Long Yuan Electric Power, Central Division is mainly responsible for the Group attended the meeting.
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Guodian Exchanges With South Africa Department Of Energy Power Development In South Africa - South

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This article was published on 2011/01/30